Why You Should Use WordPress for Ecommerce

WordPress, a good option for eCommerce

It is a fact that WordPress originally started as a blogging platform to channel the creativity of bloggers around the world. However, over the years it evolved into a complete content management system, that is, software to publish any type of website, including an eCommerce.
With the increasing number of eCommerce themes and plugins, eCommerce participants are finding the benefits of WordPress in building and customizing their offerings for their customers’ needs and preferences.

In this post, we will talk about the advantages of using WordPress to create an eCommerce site.

Reliable in many ways
As an eCommerce system, WordPress is very popular, as it is reliable software with many possibilities to meet your expectations.

An integral aspect of any eCommerce is security, a major issue that continually enters buyers’ minds. The transactions made by the client, made in an authentic system, can offer a great experience to any store owner.

The buyer is also guided through FAQs at the time of any failure in the transaction, technical errors, or any other problem. In this way, they can easily diagnose the error and complete the process. Furthermore, site owners are knowledgeable about the steps to take regarding any errors that have occurred and how to fix them.

An exemplary collection of plugins and themes for increased functionality

WordPress is praised for its excellent collection of eCommerce plugins that help raise the standards of your online channel. There are a number of plugins like WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, Cart66 Lite and many more that allow you to transform WordPress into a complete digital store.

They all come with a host of features related to payment methods, sales, inventory management, customer reviews, and many more.

In addition to plugins, WordPress themes are also a great way to increase your online sales and attract customers. The platform offers amazing themes like Ducan, Zerif Pro, and many others. They are well coded so they are user friendly and load fast for great user experience.

Various payment methods

Using WordPress to run an eCommerce site means that you take advantage of multiple platforms to make payments including PayPal Express, Chronopay, Google Checkout, PayPal and Manual Payment. All are trusted to provide a secure online shopping experience to customers.

Also, manual payments can be offered to buyers for cash order-related transactions. Alternatively, shoppers also have the facility to use an alternative payment method like eWay and Authorize.net.

Also, WordPress eCommerce has built-in calculators to calculate shipping charges. Using Authorize.net, for example, you can meet the demands of international buyers, thereby expanding the scope of eCommerce. In WordPress, in addition, SSL certificates can be used to make customers trust eCommerce when making transactions.

Better data integration

WordPress is a great way to offer an easy way to integrate a database. All you need to do is create a database and its graphically-related attributes. Custom SQL files can also be used. A database is an essential form of any eCommerce and WordPress has all the options to save customer information and confidential data in the most effective way.

In conclusion, WordPress is a good option for eCommerce. However, although it is a good low-cost solution to set up an eCommerce, sometimes at a performance level, especially when a very wide catalog of products, complexity and movement, it is also convenient to consider other options.

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