A Story of my relationship || Heart and Love


About My Wife

This is not only a story but also a real life story. A story which bring sorrow and happiness, Smiles and tears, Respects and humbles. This is a story about my wife, me and my best friend. Two girls and me alone. I really love my wife as she is more care to me, more care to my family. She is loving me since my 15. 10 years of bonding, a great understanding, amazing chemistry, wonderful felling. I am telling about a girl who is more kind and more positive. A girl whom I love for her outstanding voice. She is more simple and more smart to speak. She is clever, keen and sharp in knowledge. I am not telling much about her. Even I have no word for saying. Let’s jump into the story of my best friend, me and my wife.


My Friend Sonia

My friend who titled Sonia from her family. One of the wonderful girl of my life. She was a long term friend. About 6 years of friendship. A lot of memory, a lot of understanding, a lot of journey together. They made me the most happiest person in the world. Suddenly, She broke up her relation from her boyfriend. Also, from the last few days we aren’t going well. A break up between friendship has arrived. We were a little bit upset. Issue created. The 6 years of relation break in around 6 minutes. No way to back. no one is wrong. Seems like, it’s a one way road. We are no longer connected by Whats App or any other social media. As she was close, So she is so far now. Simply, I have got pain in this situation. But why should I get Upset? I asked myself. It’s my Ego!


A wife can change mood of her husband often. I share to my dearest. What’s happening with me and why me? My wife replied cleverly, Darling don’t worry. Something coming new and that will make you more happy. What a compliment from my wife! She is a cold headed girl. She ask me, why not you call Sonia as first as you can. She may have trouble and may face a hard situation. You shouldn’t leave her. I replied to her, That’s not my fault. why should I go for a sorry? My wife keep silent for a moment. Then the sound came out:”If I do any mistake, If the mistake is bigger than big. Will you leave me?” I kept quiet. Is there any reply for this question Except no, never? I said, No. Never. Mistake is for human being. Then my wife said, why you kick out one of our family member? I lost word again. Still now I am having Ego! I will not continue the relation with my best friend. But I am thinking about my wife. How great she is! How can she thought like that. Is not she a wise? She teach me a great lessons. She is my second home teacher after my Mom! Love never the subject for say or want. it’s automatically goes heart to heart by someone felling, emotion, caring, understanding and action.

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